Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Plymouth Argyle V Birmingham

I must admit this is the first home game I have been to this season and what a game it was.
Living in Bristol and supporting Plymouth it sometimes isn't easy to plan time to get to the matches. I will be going to the Boxing Day match against Southampton which I am really looking forward to. Let's hope I see a win.

I not sure who completes the sats of football games but whoever did this one must have been watching a different one to the one I saw last night.
Plymouth dominated the first half and the second half was more 50/50.
You can see from the shots on and off target and the number of corners, Plymouth were all over them.
The number of fouls in the chart doesn't reflect the decisions the ref did not give because if it did Birmingham would have been into double figures.

All that said, it was a good game and Plymouth were very unlucky not to have won by at least two goals.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Slow Start As Usual

Well Plymouth Argyle have got off to their usual slow start to the new season but are things about to change?
I've just seen this poster on a web site and just wish I could have gone to the match instead of on holiday to Turkey. Well maybe not. I can always see them when I'm back.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Good Luck Bristol City

Seems a long time to wait untill I can watch Plymouth playing footy again so I have to be content with watching other teams.

Tomorrow we have Man U and Chelsea and then on Saturday we have Hull and Bristol City.

Plymouth have beaten both Hull and Bristol in the last season so I can't help wonder why we're not there, playing at Wembley.

The last day of the Championship games was quite a thriller and I expect the next season will be no different.

As I live in Bristol and must admit to going to watch city on more than one occaions, I'll be with friends in London watching the match in a pub near Wembley. I won't be wearing a red shirt but I'll be singing along with them and cheering if they score.

Good Luck to all my Bristol City friends. Just think, if you win you won't have to worry about being beaten by Plymouth Argyle for at least one season!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

10 Men and The Ref? Argyle v Charlton

There's no way we can lose this now, was my thoughts as I saw the Charlton goal keeper handle the ball outside the area only 3 minutes after kick off. How wrong was I?

I felt for the Charlton fans, knowing how I would have been feeling if it was our keeper that had been sent off, but my feelings of excitement at a possible 3 or even 4 goals soon took over.

Although we had most of the play in the first half the teams went in without scoring.

Charlton decided the way forward for them was to waste time and at every opportunity this is what they did. When the fourth official's board only said 4 added minutes I couldn't believe it. Obviously he had been napping for most of the half.

Easter was the first to break the dead lock between the teams with a goal for Argyle in the 60th minute. Outwardly I was ecstatic but inwardly I was worried. Plymouth have this horrible habit of falling asleep just after they score and my worries were justified as Charlton got hold of the ball and put it past our keeper, who had gone out to collect the ball but had missed it, just 5 minutes later.

Charlton were now looking the better team and with just 10 men (and the ref the crowd sung) they scored again in the 76th minute all due to a mistake by our keeper who let the ball slip out of his hands for Lita to tap in into the back of the net.

All in all a disappointing game and one we should have won and in fact needed to win if we were going to be in any hope of reaching the play-offs.

Plymouth's next game isn't until the 14th when we play Sheffield Wednesday. Let's hope we can do better then as the whole nation will be able to watch the game live on Sky.

Sunday, 30 March 2008


Yesterday's result was very disappointing.

We can beat Bristol city.
We can draw with Watford.

But we lose to Coventry. It doesn't make sense.

We are now down to 8th place, out of the play offs, and the 4 teams directly above us all have at least one game in hand. Is this the end of our hopes for at least a chance to go up into the premiership?

Bristol City have moved back to the top but will they be able to stay there since WBA have 2 games in hand and are 4 points behind them.

Hull seem to have come up on the quiet and are only 2 points off the top with Stoke just 1 point off.

There are only 12 points between 10th place and the top so it's still anyone's for the taking. Lets just hope Argyle can get their act together in time for next weeks match against Charlton and take us back up there again.

I'll be there with my daughter, cheering them on with the rest of the Green Army in block 19.


Thursday, 20 March 2008

I can't wait for this match.
I'll never forget the last time I saw the two teams playing. Although Watford won, even their fans said they were boring to watch! Once they had scored the match was over, 10 men behind the ball doesn't make a very interesting watch.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bristol City V Plymouth Argyle In Pictures

I was just reading the posts on 606 and found a good link to the highlights of the match and most of the Championship matches. I don't know how long the link will work so sorry if you are already too late.

On the same site they feature Championship Golden Moment 19th March This is Plymouth Argyle!